Selected works from 2009 - 2013

2013 - Manufactured Landscape

PU-Foam, Wooden pallets, Tile adhesive, Moss

2013 - Go West!

Oil on Canvas, Wool, Spray paint

240cm x 120cm

2013 - Buddha
Video (2.06min)

2012 - Facade

Shipping containers, Oil, Wax, Heatlights, MDF-wood, Polaroid Camera

2011 - Golden Goose

Coal, Recycled oil, Styro foam, Wood, Screenprint on wood, Latex on canvas, Pots of peach, Resin, Found footage, Clay

2010 - Ashes to Ashes and Repeat

Screenprint on rice paper, Wood, Gunpowder, Firecracker paper, Carpet

2010 - Bollymood

Metal, Wood, Spices, Sand, Acrylic paint on panel, Found footage, Incense